Your year round partner for planning and growth!

The initial 2016 tax deadlines are over, so what is you trusted tax advisor doing now?

The accounting profession and the public accountant’s role has changed since the accounting firms of our parents and grandparents’ day. Gone are the days where your accountant closed after April 15 until the next tax season! At Forefront CPA, our work for you never ends! We are your trusted business advisors year-round. We are busy meeting with clients and doing monthly and quarterly analysis and future planning. We are doing special projects such accounting process flow analysis to increase the efficiency of our client’s accounting processes and to identify where there is a need for increased internal controls. We are performing cost segregation studies and research and development studies to free up cash now for our clients and to defer or reduce 2017 tax liabilities. We are preparing tax returns for our international clients for the upcoming 2016 tax return deadline. We are providing CFO services for a client who is transitioning in a new Director of accounting.  We are attending continuing education classes to brush up on old skills and to raise our awareness of new developments.

We are preparing to move into larger offices to better meet the needs of our growing firm.  We are interviewing the brightest and the best professional candidates as we increase our staff in order to keep pace with our growth!

That’s is what we are up to now! If you have not met with us lately, please give us a call as soon as possible to sit down and catch up on what you are doing now and where you want to be a year from now!  Your business is dynamic and growing and your issues and planning do not end because tax season is over! Call us to get together soon to bounce issues and ideas off of us…you never know where it may lead for your business!

At Forefront CPA we don’t stop just because the deadline has past. The CPA on the “Forefront” is your partner throughout the year.  Give me a call so together we can plan for tomorrow.

All the best for a safe, fun, and productive Summer!