Forefront CPA, PLLC lets you rest easy knowing you have the best financial advice, tax compliance, and CPA services available.With Forefront CPA as your trusted partner, you can focus on your business and leave the financial, tax planning, and compliance to us.

Leaders in business have one thing in common – they know where their money is and spend it wisely. Forefront CPA gives you the timely business support and advice you need to make important business decisions anytime, anywhere, so you can have full control over your company’s future.


Our secure, cloud-based software allows us to access your information anytime, anywhere so we can answer your questions and provide real-time business advice. It also allows our tax compliance to be efficient and effective.In addition, your information is stored in a Tier 3+ data center so everything you send us (and we send you) is fully encrypted and secure.Our technology allows for real-time budgeting, proposals, cost evaluation, and reports. Plus,technologies like Zoom and GoToMeeting mean you can ask us a question whenever you need to. Now that’s just better business.


Budgeting. It’s what keeps a business profitable. That’s why Forefront CPA gives you a choice of three fixed-price packages paid monthly or in installments. This transparent pricing means no surprises and no large bills.You’ll know the fees upfront and are able to budget accordingly. Not only do we offer fixed-price agreements up front, we also offer a value satisfaction guarantee or your money back. That’s how much we care about you and the total quality service we provide.


If you’re working at midnight and have a pressing financial question, you should be able contact your accountant. If you need advice for your 6 a.m. budget meeting, you should be able to get your CPA on the line. That’s the kind of service Forefront CPA provides. We are your trusted, on-call business partner.

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Our #1 goal is to use our expertise and dedication to deliver the best results for your business.

While we handle accounting needs for many industries, we have special experience in automotive, restaurants and international tax. Forefront CPA is also a leader in tax compliance for corporations and individuals with business or investment interests in the United States.

Owner and Principal Dana C. Bial, CPA, MST, has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Computer Science from Kent State University and a Masters of Taxation from Florida International University. Additionally, Dana gained 20 years of experience while working in public accounting for Deloitte & Touche and regional firms in accounting, tax, and business consulting.

“I am passionate about creating a firm of the future, a firm that provides value to a client’s business, a firm that is a true partner and trusted advisor, a firm that makes the best use of technology to serve clients, a firm that throws away standard hourly billing in favor of value pricing. I want to set new standards for tax compliance and consulting services. I am dedicated to pricing transparency by providing fixed price agreements up front. I strive to run a firm that is at the forefront of total quality service.” —DANA BIAL

Are You A Progressive Company Looking For Top-Shelf Accounting Services? Discover What Forefront Can Do For You.


Forefront CPA is a tax, compliance, and accounting firm offering real-time business consulting and the latest cloud technology to business owners and individuals around the globe.

Forefront CPA – delivering much more than your average accounting firm. We are your CPA partner and trusted business advisor – available and ready to provide innovative tax planning, compliance, and personalized advice, when and where you need it, from anywhere in the world. We do not just visit with you at year end and do your tax compliance because by then business opportunities have already passed you by. Instead, we work with you all year so we can resolve issues as they arise and help you plan for the future.

Virtual CFO


An outstanding CFO is integral to any well-run company, but the costs associated with recruiting and retaining top talent can be cost prohibitive. Thanks to innovations in technology, a virtual CFO isn’t just possible – it’s a great way to get on-demand help at a reasonable rate.

Forefront CPA’s Virtual CFO services go way beyond an on-call accountant or tax-time help. We become your trusted partner in everything from budgeting and forecasting to business acquisition and sales, from cost segregation studies to U.S. tax compliance for international businesses.

Tax & Compliance

Tax &

Forefront CPA owner Dana C. Bial is the “go-to” CPA for her experience
in tax compliance and reporting issues for nonresident aliens investing
in U.S. real property, those who want to bring their businesses
to the U.S., or companies that want to engage in a U.S. trade or business.

Forefront CPA is also a leader in domestic tax compliance and preparation, including cost segregation studies which can increase cash flow by deferring tax liability. With us as your partner, you can rest assured you will always be compliant and you’ll get the most creative and innovative tax planning allowed by law.


Let Forefront CPA Modernize Your Business Accounting With Real Time Numbers, Accurate Reporting, And Expert CFO Help Whenever You Need It.