The First 100 Days on the Forefront!

It is said that “time flies when you are having fun!” Well if the past 100 days are any indication, never a truer statement has been uttered.

When I set out to create my vision of an Accounting firm of the future this past November, my mission was a simple one, create a bond with my clients that concentrated on the overall needs of their businesses. In order to achieve this, I took a radical approach to services and pricing.  In order to develop and nurture this kind of trust and bond with my clients I knew the old pricing methods I learned in my years in the big six firms and local, regional firms would have to be tossed out the window along with the time sheets in favor of the value pricing model. I embraced the value pricing model instead of the standard hourly billing model so that my clients no longer had to worry about how much a phone call might cost them just to touch base or ask a question.  By using the value pricing model, I was able to provide my client a choice of three service packages as well as the opportunity to choose services and pricing terms that fit their needs, wants, and budgets.  Many of my clients really appreciated this new pricing model and the choice of services and terms as they expressed, “It is about time we know our price for services upfront.” The other aspect of my firm that stepped outside of the normal comfort zone of your traditional accounting firms was to offer additional services beyond those of the traditional CPA.  Throughout my many years working with my clients, I noticed a need that went beyond tax planning.  Many of my clients were looking for advice and assistance with budgeting, cash management, as well as systems and processes improvement.  From these needs, I developed my Virtual CFO Services division.  My Clients could now choose from a menu of additional services based on their needs today or long range planning and growth. So with these goals in mind, Forefront CPA PLLC was born. The first few weeks of my new firm were spent meeting with many of you.  The response I received was absolutely gratifying.   I guess the passion I have for my new firm was evident. As I explained my vision for the future, I also emphasized my strong belief that in order to be a firm on the “Forefront”, an investment in the latest technology as well as proper staffing were essential.  My cloud based system with tier 3+ grade encryption along with a cloud based client portal were a welcome, exciting addition for many of you.  I have also been able to show off my new staff to many of you.  Brett Stolberg and Ezequiel Freiman, accounting students from UCF, are now interning with Forefront.  It has been exciting for me and some of my clients to both mentor and learn from the next generation of CPA’s.


Forefront CPA Staff
Dana Bial and Interns of Forefront CPA with Accounting staff of Sonny’s BBQ


As we are now in the thick of tax season, I will be interested to see how I feel after the next 100 days…I have a feeling, I may be a bit more tired but still having fun!

Some important dates to remember…Of course, I will make sure you meet the deadlines for #2 – #5 below. However, please be sure to meet the deadline (before May 1, 2017) for #1 below.

Keep in mind the following filing deadlines:

    1. 2017 Florida Annual Florida Report due before May 1, 2017 (go to to complete and pay fee)
    2. 2017 Florida Tangible Personal Property due on or before April 1, 2017 (provide a list of all tangible assets purchased and disposed as of December 31, 2016 and the dates of purchase and disposal (i.e. furniture, fixtures, appliances for rental properties and machinery & equipment, fixtures, office equipment all businesses)
    3. 2016 U.S. income tax returns for S Corporations and Partnerships, for calendar year taxpayers due on or before March 15, 2017
  • 2016 U.S. Income tax returns for U.S. Individuals, C Corporations, Trusts, and Partnership Annual Reporting of Withholding on behalf of Nonresident Alien Partners due on or before April 18, 2017


  1. 2016 U.S. Returns of Nonresident Alien Individual and Foreign Corporations without a permanent establishment in the U.S. due on or before June 15, 2017

As always feel free to give me a call with any questions or just to say hello!